About us 




Our contemporary products are 

developed through a sustainable production cycle. 

We create long-lasting, luxurious products 

for a conscious wardrobe.


Our main production is located in India where we 

cooperate with talented and ethically focused 

GOTS and Flo Cert-certified factories. 

The leather manufacturers and tanneries are gold rated 

according to LGW’s standards (Leather Working Group).


We prefer vegetable tanned leather, cork fabric, 

and natural fibres. 

The cotton we use is Fair Trade certified. 

When possible, we choose recycled polyester.


For us, sustainability is equally about good, 

functional design as the raw material.


Fjør studios commit to making a positive impact

where possible.


We limit our environmental footprint to a minimum.


Our mission is to make the world better

-one quality product at a time.

Never compromising on style or sustainability. 

Fjør Studios was established in 2013 

by award winning fashion designer Marita Hamran.


With 10 years experience as fashion designer and Production Manager

from the fashion industry in Oslo, 

she set out to create luxurious fashion to women desiring a sustainable style.


  “I wanted to offer a brand You can trust. Trust to make

good, functional design. Trust to develope it through

a responsible and sustainable production cycle - without

losing sight of contemporary style.


Leather, being a natural material, can be a good contributor

to a more sustainable fashion business. Simply because

it lasts longer and make You buy less.”


All protos are developed in Trondheim, Norway.


“The final products end up more unique

when we develop protos from scratch. 

Creating the pattern, testing the material, making adjustments... 

- You cannot avoid adding Your personal touch to what You create 

with Your own hands. It is a beautiful thing.”


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